Happy Thursday, Y’all!

Because we celebrate every single day because of it is a day, right? Because today is IT! Yesterday is gone as hell & tomorrow is too damn late!

Ugh, I don’t see myself as a cynic, but maybe I’m too much of one for this sort of opening. I can’t just say, “Hey. Sup?” Like in the ’90s. Maybe: YOU GUYS, HAPPY ALMOST FRI-YAY!!!!!!!!

Th’hell did I get on here for, again? Oh, yeah.  Re-newed dedication to the blog.  What are some things for here?

Oh, here’s some actual big news. Like, BIG-big. Like, the Lord ain’t made enough exclamation points for how ALL CAPS BIG this news is. I’m gonna interview Mary-Elaine Jenkins! She’s even going to let me wire her up for an honest-to-goodness boney-fied audio recording of us talking at each other! The first for The Road Southern blog. Yep, stepping out of the year 2003 & right into shortly thereafter. Here’s to one day achieving the present! I wonder what day of the week it’ll fall on?

Love you guys, & I’ll see you in church! (You’ll never see me in church)

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